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About our kennels


The kennels themselves are situated in an attractive old farm building in a quiet corner of the farm yard. There are 11 kennels within the building of varying sizes to cater suitably for all size of dogs from Jack Russells to Great Danes. For your dogs comfort, all our kennels are built larger than the required council licence specification. Each kennel is heated and has its own spacious, covered run.


The kennels all face south west so whilst they are all in the shade, they still benefit from the warmth of any sun.

The kennels themselves are built of a material called “panel plus” quoted as being the building material of the future. It is a very thick, strong, insulated plastic. We chose this material as it is very easy to clean so extremely hygienic and cool in summer whilst being very warm in winter. The Royal Veterinary College now use it for the housing of all of their different types of animals so it speaks for itself. The building is heated and has excellent ventilation.


If you wish you are more than welcome to bring your dogs own bedding, food and toys to make them feel at home, but if not, we are more than happy to provide everything within the daily boarding cost. “We have three secure grass paddocks and a gravel courtyard. If your dog likes being outside, they can have plenty of time in the paddocks or courtyard to run around or just sit and relax!”

The dogs aren’t mixed in the paddocks or courtyard.
Chestnuts Farm, New Cut Road, Thorney, Peterborough, Cambs, PE6 0TW
Mon - Sun: 8AM - 8PM

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